strace exits after 4096 pagefaults?

Cameron MacKinnon cmackin at
Mon Feb 9 02:39:00 UTC 2004

My strace exits after the traced program encounters 4096 pagefaults. Is
this a feature or a bug? I suspect it's a misfeature as the program prints
"Maximum number (4096) of interrupts exceeded.  Exiting."

If I invoke it as:
strace -e signal= ...
i.e. tell it I don't want to hear about any signals, it doesn't print a
line for each signal received, but still exits after 4096 of them, with
the same message. The man page (dated 2003-01-21) gives no hint of this
behaviour or how to disable it.

strace -V returns "strace -- version 4.4.95" and I'm running it on Linux


Cameron MacKinnon
Toronto, Canada

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