GSoC 2023 - Introduction

Dmitry V. Levin ldv at
Sat Mar 18 12:33:58 UTC 2023


On Sun, Mar 12, 2023 at 11:36:58PM +0100, Kossi GLOKPOR wrote:
> For my microproject, I intend to work on extending the -e option with
> a class for all open-like syscalls. If you have some. The ideas page
> says there have been some discussions about it but the mailing list
> archive is kinda huge and not so easy to browse. Can someone provide
> me with the time around which it happened or a link to the thread so I
> can look up the relevant discussion? Thanks.

There are a few syscalls that are used to open files, e.g. open, openat, and
creat.  Maybe it makes sense to create a new syscall class %open for them.

Technically, you can use the latest additions in this area, e.g.
--trace=%clock and --trace=%creds, as examples.


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