GSoC 2023 - Introduction

Kossi GLOKPOR hotkatz32 at
Sun Mar 12 22:36:58 UTC 2023

Hello, I'm Kossi Glokpor, a 2nd year engineering student at Ecole
Nationale des Sciences Appliquees of Fes, Morocco. I'm interested in
system programming and working on a tool like strace seems to be a
good opportunity to learn more about it.
I have worked with C on Linux, writing some basic utilities and toying
with OS features I find interesting. I am currently reading some
chapters of The Linux Programming Interface by Michael Kerrisk, to get
more knowledgeable about the internals of the OS. I have made some
tiny contributions to open source before (docs fix in CPython, ...)
but I never used the system of mail list + git patches used for strace
development (currently catching up about it).
For my microproject, I intend to work on extending the -e option with
a class for all open-like syscalls. If you have some. The ideas page
says there have been some discussions about it but the mailing list
archive is kinda huge and not so easy to browse. Can someone provide
me with the time around which it happened or a link to the thread so I
can look up the relevant discussion? Thanks.

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