Work Outline for Comprehensive Test Suite

Bran S archsbran at
Fri Mar 27 16:24:14 UTC 2020

Below is the work outline for the gsoc proposal, please suggest
improvements wherever required.

Work Outline:

1) Currently the strace-DDD.test fails, and as mentioned on the
mailing list there is an intermittent problem with strace-DD.test[1].
The solution to the strace-DDD.test is already proposed on the mailing
list[2]. It would be implemented and submitted for review.

2) After that the problem with strace-DD.test will be reproduced and a
solution will be proposed and discussed for further action.

3) Involve in extending decoder capability which could be helpful in
understanding to write tests better. For ex: extending HDIO_* decoder.
As currently only HDIO_GETGEO is available.

4) Write decoder tests wherever required. The coverage of files like
fs_x_ioctl, statx, sysctl, ubi, kvm, term is close 0%. These would be
the first targets.

5) Further discuss about critical files which need test coverage. For
ex: prctl, process, ioctl, etc.

6) Understand previous code[3][4][5] and move on to write behavioural
corner case tests to check for type sizes, signedness, handling of
pointers to invalid memory, etc.


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