help me with error

Jaya Chandra bjayac at
Tue Apr 14 17:51:17 UTC 2020

While running strace getting below error. Can i know what does this mean?

*write(1, "TOS_DI-linux-gtk-x86_64:\n", 25TOS_DI-linux-gtk-x86_64:) =
25write(1, "An error has occurred. See the l"..., 40An error has occurred.
See the log file) = 40write(1, "/opt/talend/TOS_DI-20200219_1130"...,
= 73shmctl(36, IPC_RMID, NULL)              = 0munmap(0x7f69c0f12000,
2166608)         = 0exit_group(13)                          = ?+++ exited
with 13 +++*
Thanks & Regards

Jaya Chandra B
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