I: my strace package repository

Roland McGrath roland at redhat.com
Tue Oct 10 01:23:51 UTC 2006

Folks, sorry I have been so inactive lately.  As you've probably noticed, I
deal with strace issues in occasional flurries while most of the time just
filing them away until the next opportune time for me to plow through a
batch.  I had a good tall stack warranting a few days of flurry in
September.  Unfortunately, early in September I fell down and broke my
wrist.  I then had surgery and was out from the electronic world entirely
for a few weeks, and am only now starting to try to type in a somewhat
normal fashion.  Between this lost time and the enormous backlogs that have
accumulated in my other areas of responsibility, strace has fallen down the
queue and I still won't have much time for it in the immediate future.

I do still intend to be the maintainer of strace, though it by no means
must or should be a single person's role in the future.  I am the
maintainer of strace for Fedora and RHEL, and am thus responsible for
vetting and maintaining any changes made in canonical strace releases
anyway, so for now I do prefer to review and approve all changes.
Dmitry has a superb record of doing good work on strace, sticking to
conventions, and most importantly, finding and fixing problems well.
I'm sure he is fully capable of being the strace maintainer.

I've added ldv to the sourceforge project with cvs access.  Dmitry, if you
would like to take up the practice of committing your changes directly
after approval from me, that would be great.  In many cases, I can read a
good patch and approve it when it comes in, without waiting for the next
day that I really have time to spend wading through strace issues and
merging patches.

All the changes and problem reports everyone has sent in are still in my
queue, not dropped on the floor.  But I still can't really guarantee how
quickly I'll get to any of them.  Fresh patches that are current to the
moment's sourceforge cvs and have unqualified approval from Dmitry, I will
very likely be glad to approve very quickly for Dmitry to commit.

Dmitry, if you don't mind regurgitating again the backlog of specific
patches as up-to-date individual postings of log entry + patch ready to go
directly in to the current cvs, ready to commit yourself with my approval
ack for each change message, I would appreciate that immensely.  I'd like
to get all the fixes and simple improvements like new syscall support in
and release 4.5.15 like that, before adding any new behavior-changing code
like new command-line options and such features.


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