Strace port to SuperH SH5

Roland McGrath roland at
Tue Apr 8 01:40:04 UTC 2003

> Thanks for your mail. Re. the setbpt etc. functions, I realize this is no
> longer used in linux, but is it still used on other systems? 

Perhaps, but I am not sure off hand anything is in fact using it and other
solutions are definitely preferable to that one.  Until you have another OS
running on shmedia and have strace support for that OS's syscalls too, then
I would prefer to leave this out (especially if you really had to tweak the
data structure as you did).  It is doubtful it will ever be useful, and
it's only my pedantic nature that prevents me from saying that it is in
fact completely obsolete.

> Re. the syscall numbers in syscallent.h, SHmedia linux is still only
> V2.4, & likely to remain that way for some time. Can we send an update
> for V2.5 later please?

Certainly.  I just wanted to make sure that we got now everything that is
available now.


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