GSoC appliciant Elshirak

Shirak Elbakyan elshirak2000 at
Wed Mar 22 20:40:52 UTC 2023

Hello everyone!

My name is Shirak, I was born and raised in Moscow, graduated from 
university with a degree in "information systems and automation 
technologies" and hitchhiked to Yerevan. Currently, I am studying at the 
practical-oriented development school Ecole 42 [1], writing educational 
projects in С programming language, compiling them manually with the 
help of Makefile. I'm fond of vim, a fan of Linux, and I'm allergic to 
segmentation fault. I want to work with you on the Strace project as 
part of GSoC, I think we can have a productive collaboration. I am 
initially interested in the project  "Implement a netlink decoder" [2], 
I think it will be interesting :)

I am available on Telegram [3] and GitHub [4], and I would be happy to 
make new acquaintances :)

Thank you for your attention, peace and love to all.


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