GSoC: Student Introduction

Shubham Kumar shubhamkr898785 at
Tue Mar 14 20:45:26 UTC 2023

Hi there,

My name is Shubham Kumar and I am a second-year student pursuing a
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Delhi University in Delhi, India.
I'm interested in kernel-level debugging processes and want to explore more
about its working environment.

 I checked strace's GSoC project and my skills perfectly match this
project. I am familiar with eBPF through different packet processing
frameworks like XDP and TC and also worked in increasing the efficiency of
the user plane part of the 5g core through these frameworks. I want to work
on this part(Support for BTF and other BPF decoding improvements).

It would be helpful if you would guide me. Meanwhile, I am going through
the project and exploring more about the problem statement.

Shubham Kumar
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