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On Mon, Jul 18, 2022 at 6:10 PM SuHsueyu <anolasc13 at> wrote:
> Problems:
> Is it correct and acceptable to bring libbpf into strace?
Usually, features that require additional libraries are implemented as
optional;  it is always possible to (re-)implement the necessary part
of libbpf in strace, if deemed suitable.
See, for example, the initial selinux enablement[1].

> I have no clue about writing BTF unit tests, such as how BTF information print out. Is it better to implement the function first and then write unit tests?
In terms of decoders[2] (and some utility functions[3]), those are
usually done together, more or less;  I think, the similar approach is
applicable to BTF decoding as well.


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