Su Hsueyu's GSoC status report - #1 of 12

SuHsueyu anolasc13 at
Mon Jul 18 16:07:12 UTC 2022

Hi, all. Sorry for reporting status so late. I finished the semester last
week. And below is my last week report.

   - Write a demo to retrieve prog BTF information by using libbpf.
   - Read bpftool source code.
   - Read strace bpf module source code.


   - Implement extracting prog BTF information in strace.
   - Write unit test for it.
   - Write demo for retrieve map BTF information.


   - Is it correct and acceptable to bring libbpf into strace?
   - I have no clue about writing BTF unit tests, such as how BTF
   information print out. Is it better to implement the function first and
   then write unit tests?
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