[GSOC] : Comprehensive test Suite

Deepanshu Udhwani deepanshu1422 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 11:00:53 UTC 2021

Hello Community,

I am *Deepanshu Udhwani* , a final year *Master's student *at Thapar
Institute Of Engineering And technology , Patiala (INDIA) .
Previously I have worked as a *Kernel Development Intern *with *Alibaba
Cloud * where I worked on* adding support of io_uring *to handle
buffers in *PostgreSQL
I/O *system calls and successfully enhanced its I/O rate on kernel v5.5 on
AliyunLinux by more than 5.2%.

> https://www.linkedin.com/in/deepanshu-udhwani/


I have used *STRACE* extensively as an end user and would love to help the
community to develop it even better.

Dear Maintainers,
I have started working on the micro project that participants need to
submit as a prerequisite to join this program and will complete the task
as soon as possible.

There are *few doubts *that I have in my mind and would like to clear them

   - Can I submit my proposal here first, before submitting on GSOC website
   in order to get a review and detail it better?
   - Can my proposal include hyper-links / images or does it need to be  *plain
   text *?

*Thanks and Regards*
*Deepanshu Udhwani*
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