[strace/strace] Rewrite time-sensitive checks to compare test's time notion with strace's (#182)

esyr notifications at github.com
Wed Apr 7 15:39:21 UTC 2021

sleep/nanosleep/-r/-t/-T/delay/syscall stats checks rely on the fact that the nanosleep call (or its equivalents) wakes up the process within some tolerance, usually 0.1—0.2 seconds. This is not the case in some virtualised environments with heavy over-provisioning, one notable example is s390, which results in test failures which are not indicative of strace's issues (but rather some intermittent issues with the environment).

One possible fix for this is to collect the experienced delay from the test program's PoV and compare it to strace's notion of the time passed.

Via https://lists.strace.io/pipermail/strace-devel/2021-April/010501.html

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