strace of io_uring events?

Miklos Szeredi miklos at
Wed Jul 15 20:09:54 UTC 2020

On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 9:43 PM Pavel Begunkov <asml.silence at> wrote:
> To clear details for those who are not familiar with io_uring:
> io_uring has a pair of queues, submission (SQ) and completion queues (CQ),
> both shared between kernel and user spaces. The userspace submits requests
> by filling a chunk of memory in SQ. The kernel picks up SQ entries in
> (syscall io_uring_enter) or asynchronously by polling SQ.
> CQ entries are filled by the kernel completely asynchronously and
> in parallel. Some users just poll CQ to get them, but also have a way
> to wait for them.
> >>>
> >>> What do people think?
> >>>
> >>> From what I can tell, listing the submitted requests on
> >>> io_uring_enter() would not be hard.  Request completion is
> >>> asynchronous, however, and may not require  io_uring_enter() syscall.
> >>> Am I correct?
> Both, submission and completion sides may not require a syscall.


> >>> Is there some existing tracing infrastructure that strace could use to
> >>> get async completion events?  Should we be introducing one?
> There are static trace points covering all needs.

This needs to be unprivileged, or its usefulness is again compromized.

> And if not used the whole thing have to be zero-overhead. Otherwise
> there is perf, which is zero-overhead, and this IMHO won't fly.

Obviously it needs to be zero overhead if not tracing.

What won't fly?


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