I want to contribute to strace project

Ayush Dwivedi 21cencturyayush at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 09:44:16 UTC 2020

Hello everyone,
This is Ayush. I am a college student studying computer science. I find
Linux operating system really interesting and I love C language. Recently I
have been studying syscalls and IPCs. I have used strace along with gdb and
valgrind at times. I wrote a minimal Linux Shell as a hobby project and as
of now it can execute most command constructs including pipes and file
descriptor creation using shell symbols I will add scripting capabilities
to it. I wanted to know how and where should I start contributing to the
strace project and what are the preliminary skills and knowledge base I
need to have. What are some other projects that are similar to strace but
quite minimal to start with that I can check out?
Link to my GitHub profile :  https://github.com/oneiro-naut/

Ayush Dwivedi
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