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Mon Mar 26 20:05:04 UTC 2018

Hi Zhibin Li,

On Sun, Mar 25, 2018 at 02:05:44PM +0000, Zhibin Li wrote:
> Hi, all
> I'm Zhibin Li, an undergraduate from China and I'm interested in things
> related to automation testing and code coverage. Though I kinda know there
> are few chances for me to take part in the project because I send greeting
> email this late, I still want to have a try on applying the test suite
> project. I've spent a day on learning the code base (actually I had
> experience with syscall and POSIX before) but it's way too far from being
> proficient. I tried to write a part of test case for fcntl.c and found a
> lot of things I need to learn. I will send a patch as my first try later
> and hope you guys can tell me what more I am supposed to do or I'm getting
> into the wrong way on learning how it works. Anyway, I will keep learning
> and try to blend in.
> PS: This is my GitHub link[1]. No big projects, only my own daily codes
> though.
> [1]https://github.com/haoyouab

Thank you for showing interest in contributing to strace.

While the deadline for submitting proposals to gsoc 2018 is close, there
is still some time to write (and maybe even discuss a bit) a good proposal,
please use this time wisely.  You can finish the test case you are writing
when your proposal is already submitted, but you cannot delay the
submission after March 27 16:00 UTC.

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