Harsha Sharma harshasharmaiitr at
Mon Dec 25 12:42:16 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,
I'm Harsha Sharma, a sophomore student at Indian Institute of
Technology,  Roorkee, India.
I have knowledge of C, git, shell programming, kernel programming, gdb
and parsers and currently working as outreachy intern in Linux-kernel
(project nftables - Network filtration tool).
Strace is one of my favorite tools in linux and want to contribute to
the community.
 I have looked into the mail archives about getting started and
submitted two small patches. I have tried to understand the test
infrastructure and will like to add some tests or fix some of the
existing tests.
It'll be great if someone can suggest either some tests or any other
small bug-fix that I can work upon.
Thanks :)

Harsha Sharma

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