[GSOC 2016] Netlink socket parsers

Fabien Siron fabien.siron at epita.fr
Sun Mar 6 11:33:49 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

I am very interested to be part of the GSOC in the strace project. I
especially like the subject "Netlink socket parsers" but I have some
questions about that subject:
* Should the Netlink socket parsers have the form of a new filtering
option? (for example: `strace -e netlink ip a`)
* Or maybe should we add the netlink family/protocol?

I personnally think the project as a *hook* to the following syscalls:
socket, bind, recv family, send family and close. 

Have you got any suggestions about how can I start (or just tell me if
I am wrong)?


Fabien Siron

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