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Yun-Chih Chen b03902074 at ntu.edu.tw
Fri Jul 22 01:20:51 UTC 2016

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主旨:Re: Cross compile strace for obscure architectures
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>> I am thinking about cross compiling strace and test
>> it on the m68k image.  In other words, compile all necessary binaries,
>> including test binaries, on host system; and test them on qemu guest.
> This sounds feasible, but I haven't heard of anybody trying to do this
> trick with strace test suite.  This approach will take some time, though.

I try to do so by running the `cross-m68k.sh` script, as attached (a
sample run log is also attached, although it failed)

> In particular, some architectures have no crossbuild-essential-$arch
> packaged, so you'd probably have to prepare a cross toolchain using
> cross-gcc-dev.

buildroot, in addition to building a rootfs, also builds cross
toolchain for us, which is nice.

>> For now, I can successfully build strace with "CFLAGS=-static"
> Why CFLAGS instead of LDFLAGS?
Well, I'm not very clear about the difference, but both works.

> Why would you want to cross-compile gcc?
> I suppose every debian architecture has a native gcc.
Yes, I find native m68k gcc3.4 here[1], built for Debian Sarge, which
is very old.  I think it'd be better to run our tests on m68k rootfs
compiled with newest Linux kernel.  Does this make sense?

[1] http://archive.debian.org/debian/pool/main/g/gcc-3.4/
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