porting strace-4.6 to freebsd amd64

Kurt Jaeger pi at opsec.eu
Sun Apr 22 12:33:02 UTC 2012


I'm having a try on porting strace-4.6 to freebsd on amd64 and
as of now it looks promising.

There's one issue with strace, which makes strace no longer useful with
newer versions of freebsd, even on i386:

fi9# strace sleep 1 
pread: Device busy
pread: Device busy
pread: Device busy

This happens because pread of /proc/<pid>/regs returns EBUSY
if the process <pid> is not in the STOP state.

I made some try on a fix.

Can you have a look that the patches and the freebsd/amd64 that I
made available on:



pi at opsec.eu            +49 171 3101372                         8 years to go !

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