How to exclude ipc calls

Alexander Kriegisch kriegaex at
Fri Nov 25 12:41:54 UTC 2011

Well, maybe I have wrong expectations, but as I wrote in my original
message, I want to exclude "ipc()" calls, not "...ctl()" calls. On the
former this setting has no effect. How can I filter them?

It is definitely not a quoting problem, otherwise it would not work with
other syscall exclusions either, but it does. Using "!ipc" in my case
seems to have the effect that everything is dumped unfiltered, while
"ipc"  does not dump anything. So the setting has an effect, just not on
"ipc()" calls.
Alexander Kriegisch (kriegaex)

Dmitry V. Levin, 25.11.2011 00:16:
> On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 11:51:19PM +0100, Alexander Kriegisch wrote:
>> I would like to user an exception like "-e trace=!ipc", but that
>> option does not work. It seems to be a bug, but if it is not,
>> please tell me what I am doing wrong. Exceptions for other calls
>> work, but not for ipc - maybe because it is also the name of a
>> category?
> $ strace -etrace='ipc' -o '|grep -c ^...ctl >&2' ipcs >/dev/null 6
> $ strace -etrace='!ipc' -o '|grep -c ^...ctl >&2' ipcs >/dev/null 0
> I suppose you have a problem with quoting '!' in your shell.

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