approaching 4.5.21 release

Mike Frysinger vapier at
Thu Feb 17 05:45:02 UTC 2011

On Tuesday, February 08, 2011 20:25:39 Dmitry V. Levin wrote:
> - update linux/[^b]*/ioctlent.h, these files are quite outdated;

the Blackfin one should be pretty up-to-date ;).  the ADI distribution runs a 
script to automatically make sure the Blackfin ioctl list isnt missing any new 
ioctls from the current kernel and it tends to flag new stuff every time we 
upgrade linux (imagine that).

the duplication here though has irked me for some time, but i didnt feel like 
trying to clean things up myself.  perhaps we should take the Blackfin one, 
make it the canonical linux one, and punt the rest.  i dont have a problem 
keeping one file up to date, so doing linux/ioctlent.h vs 
linux/blackfin/ioctlent.h is fine.  but i dont really have the time or 
inclination to review all the arches.

> - test HEAD on all supported architectures except x86, x86-64 and bfin
>   which seem to work fine.

i can easily test alpha/arm/hppa/ia64/ppc/ppc64/s390/sh/sparc, but without any 
sort of `make check`, my tests tend to consist of `strace ls` and `strace ps` 
and be like "i guess that looks ok".
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