I: approaching 4.5.20 release

Roland McGrath roland at redhat.com
Wed Apr 14 03:02:58 UTC 2010

IMHO you never need to wait to push NEWS changes.  It's probably better to
add them incrementally while making changes rather than try to remember or
recover everything at release time.

The strace.spec changes look right to me.  I'm not sure there is or isn't
any rule about a %changelog entry crediting the name of the person who
actually did the .spec changes.  But it is a little odd to review a change
that includes a log entry signed in my name.  For Fedora purposes it is
probably right enough if it's identity of the person who does the Fedora
build (which might be either me or Andreas).

I used a 'make srpm' from your branch to do test rpm builds on several
Fedora and RHEL versions.  I didn't try the results, but the builds went
happily except for one thing.  On RHEL4/ppc there is a build failure
because <asm/stat.h> is #include'd without <linux/types.h> or something
like that it needs.  The vagaries of Linux header file interactions have
changed a lot over the years, and RHEL4 has a significantly different
vintage (based on 2.6.9) than the other systems.  4.5.19 also does not
build on RHEL4, so this is not a regression.  It seems like it should be
made to work again (we know 4.5.16 did).  But as a nonregression from the
last release, I don't think it is a reason to hold up 4.5.20 now.


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