release soon?

Roland McGrath roland at
Wed Jul 8 01:30:42 UTC 2009

> I pushed these changes to branch ldv/master, please have a look whether
> it's OK for master.

Thanks!  I merged it.

> BTW, we probably have to accept some guideline about maintaining ChangeLog
> file in git.

I don't have any particular preferences or feelings about this for strace.
Whatever people here think is best will be OK with me as long as it is
something coherent, understandable and followed consistently, and is no
less informative that the ChangeLog entries we write now.

I think it is nice to have something in tarballs so that you don't have to
be on the net (or have snarfed the repo) to refer to git to know the
history.  But really I think it's more important that we not have any
misleading outdated cruft files in the tarballs than that future
hackers/contributors working without git have all the logs.

> Unless Denys is going to resurrect this change soon, I can try.

Denys is changing job responsibilities within Red Hat, and I'm not sure he
will be doing much more on strace.  So unless he pipes up soon, don't wait.


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