release soon?

Roland McGrath roland at
Tue Jul 7 22:11:56 UTC 2009

> Commit v4.5.18-96-geb9e2e8 which reverts a lot of unapproved changes
> introduces regressions.  For example, in system without /proc mounted,
> command "strace -f -o/dev/null autoreconf -fisv" executed in strace
> directory produces "/proc/NNNNN/status: No such file or directory" messages.
> Stracing long-running command like "./configure" also causes these
> messages when interrupted by SIGINT.

Oh.  We should get those fixed back in.

> Is there any need to hurry with 4.5.19 release?

Nope.  I just wanted to redress the long period of neglect.


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