Add more futex decoding

Roland McGrath roland at
Wed Aug 12 20:43:34 UTC 2009

> There is a common practice for git-based projects to append a
> Signed-off-by line to commit messages, so I suppose that they are
> following this convention for a good reason.

The Linux kernel has particular conventions for this, and it is the
prototype git project.  I don't think most projects have actually thought
about the reasons that the kernel project uses these conventions.

> Although my recent commits include this line, strace project has no such
> written convention atm, so it's time to clear up, is there any objections
> wrt to this convention.

I do not think it serves any purpose for us.  We have the git author and
committer fields and that is plenty.  We do not have formal conventions
about patches flowing through multiple hands like the kernel project has.

We should have clear conventions for commit message formats.  But
miscellaneous trailer lines with people's names and email addresses are not
something I think we need in our conventions.


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