Question on strace

Jan Kratochvil jan.kratochvil at
Wed Jun 25 14:22:10 UTC 2008

Hi Satish,

On Wed, 25 Jun 2008 15:59:04 +0200, Satish Kumar Tedla wrote:
> What is systemtap? Do I have to install this separately?

Systemtap is a completely separate package which you may need to install
separately.  It is unrelated to strace and so it is even offtopic here.

>>> # stap /tmp/kill.stp START

I wrote:
	# stap /tmp/kill.stp
	bash (4599): kill (24688, sig 15) = 0

therefore `START' is an output line of `stap', not its argument.

> Is the stap an alias you are using for systemtap?

It is a command contained in the systemtap package.

> What exactly did you mean by START? Start my process that I was referring to?

`START' is a message printed by the systemtap script `kill.stp' I attached to
my last mail.

> >>bash (4599): kill (24688, sig 15) = 0
> I was trying to kill my process using kill -TERM pid, what exactly are  
> you referring to in kill?

That line said that a process with PID 4599 kill (tried to kill) a process with
PID 24688.  PID 4599 was a process running program bash.

So a PID killing your victim PID can be later found by (not tried):
killed_victim_pid=1234; grep "kill ($killed_victim_pid," stap.log | awk '{print $2}'


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