4.5.17 release soon!

Roland McGrath roland at redhat.com
Fri Jul 18 02:31:55 UTC 2008

Hi!  I got through some more backlog today.  I think what's in cvs now is
close to all we should do before 4.5.17 goes out.

If there are regressions from 4.5.16 or bugs with simple fixes, please tell
me ASAP.  If I don't hear objections by the weekend, I'll release 4.5.17 on
the weekend or Monday.

Whatever else is outstanding we can address for the next release.  I'll try
not to let it go so long this time.  We can have a new release whenever we
have several stable new fixes in.

I've updated NEWS and strace.spec with everything I think they'll have for
the release as of this moment.  I think the .spec log entry covers all the
open (non-RFE) RH bug #s (that aren't clones of another covered one).


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