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charmik at charmik at
Tue Sep 18 08:12:42 UTC 2007


I did some changes on strace. 
Original strace:
Calling for ex. "strace ifconfig eth0:1" by 
ioctl calls no values for IP can be seen, only addresses. 
Ex.:"ioctl(4, SIOCSIFADDR, 0xbfd5b390)       = 0".

After my modifications:
Ex.:"ioctl(4, SIOCSIFADDR, {ifr_name="eth0:1", 
ifr_addr={AF_INET, inet_addr("")}}) = 0"

The same is for "strace route add ...". After my 
modifications the values for IP, gateway and netmask can 
be seen.

If you are interested in it, I could send my 

Best regards,

Olga Feiermann

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