Updates to the debian directory

Roland McGrath roland at redhat.com
Wed Sep 12 01:16:17 UTC 2007

It's canonical practice to include your ChangeLog fragment separately
before the diffs in the email, rather than as part of the patch.  

> +2007-08-20	Frederik Schüler <fs at debian.org>
> +
> +	* debian/rules: remove manual install calls, use debhelper instead. Also
> +	use debhelper to build the udeb. This will finally really fix Debian#396682
> +	* debian/compat, debian/strace-udeb.install, debian/strace.install, 
> +	debian/strace.manpages: add
> +	* debian/rules: Add dh_md5sums call, closes Debian#439428
> +	* debian/control: Add XC-Package-Type: udeb header to strace-udeb

Please clean up the formatting of the log entries a bit to conform to the
rest of the file: capitalize sentences; two spaces between sentences; one
file per line; "New file." for added files; use "* file (target): " to
identify the part of the makefile changed, or the field in debian/control;
put "Fixes Debian#nnn." alone on its own line and the end of the paragraph.

> +  * Reworked deian/rules, more usage of debhelper tools. 


> +  * Bumped comapt level to 5



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