Patch: Support for backtraces

Johan Walles johan.walles at
Mon Jan 16 05:09:07 UTC 2006

Here's a patch that adds support for printing backtraces for all
reported syscalls.  It does its thing using libunwind
(  I've tested it on
IA64 only.  In theory it should work on any other platform where
libunwind exists.

I haven't added any command line flag for enabling / disabling
printing of backtraces.  With this patch, backtraces are always

The configure script checks for libunwind, and if libunwind isn't
found the configure script bails with an error.

Is this something you'd consider including in the official strace?  If
so, what do I need to do before it can get accepted?  I have a few
ideas myself, but I'd like to hear *your* opinion :-).

  Cheers //Johan
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