fake_execve() and -i option

Johan Aurér johan.aurer at axis.com
Thu Aug 19 09:03:07 UTC 2004


This may be a known bug, but I've noticed that running strace with -i 
("print instruction pointer at time of syscall") can result in a failed 
upeek() call at the very beginning:

        # strace-4.5.6/strace -i /bin/ls
        upeek: ptrace(PTRACE_PEEKUSER,12475,48,0): No such process
        [????????] execve("/bin/ls", ["/bin/ls"], [/* 46 vars */]) = 0

I haven't seen this problem under i386/Linux 2.6.x, but it happens 
frequently under 2.4.x (and also under CRIS/Linux).

What happens is that when fake_execve() is called, the child process may 
or may not have stopped (it stops as a result of execve). If it hasn't 
stopped then obviously you can't do PTRACE_PEEKUSER. But with -i, strace 
tries to read the PC anyway causing the failed upeek().

Actually, I don't think strace should be trying to read the PC here in the 
first place. Printing the PC for the initial execve syscall doesn't seem 
very useful to me.

aurer at axis.com

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