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Santosh John santosh at requiredtech.com
Mon Jul 1 08:16:06 UTC 2002

I have compiled TETware using gcc to run in the cygwin environment.  I 
built the distributed mode version whereby the main test harnes (tcc) talks 
to daemon processes (tccd, etc.).  One daemon process (tccd) was compiled 
and installed to start dynamically through the inetd mechanism.  But I am 
experiencing a problem where the tccd process apparently fails to start 
(debugging information printed as the first thing from tccd's main function 
indicates that control never reaches here; my assumption is that the 
process didn't start, but it could be that it started but then died before 
it got to main).  This behavior is somewhat intermittent in that currently, 
I can run from home regardless of whether I am connected to the company 
network via VPN.  However, if I am  at the office and logged into the 
company domain, tccd does not run.  If I disconnect from the domain at the 
office, then tccd runs as it should.
I would like to use strace as a way to monitor whether or not tccd even got 
started or where it was stopped.  Perhaps there is an issue regarding 
security/domain permissions, but I would need to narrow this down.  Do you 
know if strace or any other tool can help me with this?  Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, Santosh

At Oakland, the problem occurred mysteriously one day (and also at home the
next day) and sometime later mysteriously disappeared (both at office and
home).  I will try again from home tomorrow and let you know the current

It is not the case that inetd has a problem starting processes (at work)
when coneected to the intranet - I am able to telnet to my own machine when
connected to the intranet (the inetd service starts the telnet daemon in
order to make this happen).  Somehow I am suspicious of some
permissions/domain/ownership issues.  Our mobile user VPN is apparently
affecting or influencing the ability of the tccd process to get started.

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