[GSoC] Student Introduction

Leedagee leedageea at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 16:36:29 UTC 2023

Hi there,

I'm a freshman student from Huazhong University of Science and
Technology, majoring computer science, who interested in strace's GSoC
project. I'm familiar with C and some system related programing knowledge.

I'm quite interested in the gdb backend idea, because that was to my
requirements for so long. Running gdb and strace on one thread
simultaneously can be very helpful when debugging some system
programming related programs.

I started using linux five years ago and did some packaging work in
pacman and rpm. I can make good use of git. In the past semester, I
finished a shell lab similar to the one in CS:APP. I've learned a lot
about ptrace and gdb remote protocol recently. I've already read the
latest gdb backend patch against strace v5.5 and still looking into the
code base to have a better estimation on the workload.

I'll finish one microproject as soon as possible.

Willing to hear you back.

Li Zerui (or leedagee)

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