GSoC - Introduction

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Fri Mar 3 11:08:30 UTC 2023

Sorry! for sending an HTML format email. There was an error on my part (user-agent settings). I'll introduce myself again.

I'm Harsh Gujarathi, third year computer science undergrad student at Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani. I'm interested in getting involved with a community that works with system call and systems programming!

As for my background I have worked with C in my Operating Systems course solving problems using System Calls, processes and Threads. This piqued my interest in systems programming. In my free time I'm looking at source code of linux applications and try to understand their architecture and programming style. I'm not new to open source contribution, I have contributed to Mifos on their Android Wallet Client last summer. I hoping to contribute to strace and get a more deeper understanding and learn new things throughout the journey. 

I don't know where should I start, I have gone through the wiki and read about microprojects. I was hoping if someone could point to some appropriate resources so I can start working.

Any additional tips would be greatly appreciated!

Than You and Regards,

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Hello, strace community.
I'm Harsh Gujarathi, 3rd year, computer science undergrad student at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. I have experience in C programming with kernel level implementations during my Operating System and Networks Course and loved it.
I have Understanding of how system calls works, Processes, Threads and ptrace system call. I would like to contribute in strace for GSoC'23 and also after that. I was hoping if someone could guide me on where and how can I start?
Thank You and Regards,
Harsh Gujarathi
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