[PATCH v6 3/3] tests: check -l/--syscall-limit options

Sahil Siddiq icegambit91 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 18:36:58 UTC 2023


On Friday, 21 April 2023 03:03:08 IST Dmitry V. Levin wrote:
> [...]
> I've reworked the test a bit, please have a look.

Thank you for the feedback. I think these changes make the tests a lot better.
They are more concise.

> --- a/tests/gen_tests.in
> +++ b/tests/gen_tests.in
> @@ -1006,6 +1006,8 @@ strace--strings-in-hex-all --trace=chdir --strings-in-hex=all --columns=18
> strace--strings-in-hex-non-ascii --trace=chdir --strings-in-hex=non-ascii --columns=12
> strace--strings-in-hex-non-ascii-chars --trace=chdir --strings-in-hex=non-ascii-chars --columns=12
> strace--strings-in-hex-none --trace=chdir --strings-in-hex=none --columns=12
> +strace--syscall-limit-path +strace--syscall-limit.test --trace=all --trace-path=invalid.dir
> +strace--syscall-limit-status +strace--syscall-limit.test --status=failed

Could "--trace=all" be removed from the rule for generating strace--syscall-limit-path
since --trace='chdir,rmdir' is set in strace--syscall-limit.test?


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