Question bout strace test cases.

Kossi Glokpor hotkatz32 at
Sat Apr 1 17:00:59 UTC 2023

I'm trying to run the test trace_clock.gen.test test script and I'm
getting the follwing error message:

 STRACE_ARCH: parameter not set.

Seems like STRACE_ARCH is defined in the Makefile, and when I run the
whole testsuite using "make check", it goes just fine.

This error seems to happen for all tests that use test_trace_expr that
I tried to run individually so far. Does anyone know how I can create
& run a single test using test_trace_expr without getting this error ?
I'm writing a small test similar to trace_clock and I don't wanna have
to run the whole test suite everytime I modify it.  Thanks in advance.

And also I'm interested in working on the test suite for GSoC. Is it
still important as a project ? I've noticed that it rarely get picked
by applicants. What kind of improvement can be of significant value to
it ?


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