GSoC: Introducing myself

Ashutosh Pandey ashutosh at
Sat Mar 12 19:15:23 UTC 2022


I'm Ashutosh Pandey, and I am interested in taking part in GSoC with 
strace. I am a computer science major from India and I work on compilers 
(Clang/Flang/LLVM) at AMD.

I am interested in this project because of a general interest in 
profiling/tracing/code coverage in general. I've previously worked on 
enabling code coverage using gcov for GLibC. ex:

I look forward to contributing to strace. I am currently looking at the 
'Comprehensive test suite' project and 'Support for alternative tracing 
backends'. The former seems straightforward but the latter will require 
some work to prove competence. I have used gdb but I haven't explored 
the stub protocol. I'll go through the repository in more detail and try 
to submit useful pull requests!

Thank you for your time,

Ashutosh Pandey,

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