[GSoC] potential student introduction

brahmajit.xyz at gmail.com brahmajit.xyz at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 10:39:59 UTC 2022


I'm Brahmajit and I want to contribute to strace as a part of GSoC this
year. I'm somewhat of a beginner programmer with mostly experience is C
(writing firmwares) and this is my first time at GSoC.

I looked through the list of ideas and liked two of them. (i) More
flexible output to file and (ii) Imporve statistics handling. I'm
willling to put in time and learn things. If anyone has any adivce or
where to begin, please share.

I'm also new to using mailing list, so I don't know how to not top post,
especially in mutt. In mutt when I try to reply to a mail it asks if I
want to add the reply quote, is this the thing I sould be looking of
(not adding the reply)?


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