[strace/strace] [RFC] Add 64-bit LoongArch support (PR #205)

WÁNG Xuěruì notifications at github.com
Fri Jan 7 17:04:40 UTC 2022

> I've tested this on gcc401.fsffrance.org: Linux gcc401 5.15.0+ #348 SMP PREEMPT Thu Dec 30 13:46:50 CST 2021 loongarch64 GNU/Linux
> Testsuite summary:
> FAIL: bpf-success.gen FAIL: bpf-success-v.gen FAIL: clone3-success.gen FAIL: clone3-success-Xabbrev.gen FAIL: clone3-success-Xraw.gen FAIL: clone3-success-Xverbose.gen FAIL: landlock_create_ruleset-success.gen FAIL: landlock_create_ruleset-success-y.gen FAIL: prctl-fp-mode.gen FAIL: prctl-spec-inject.gen FAIL: prlimit64-success.gen FAIL: prlimit64-success--pidns-translation.gen FAIL: quotactl-success.gen FAIL: quotactl-success-v.gen FAIL: quotactl-xfs-success.gen FAIL: quotactl-xfs-success-v.gen FAIL: seccomp_get_notif_sizes-success.gen FAIL: bpf-success-long-y FAIL: qual_fault-exit_group FAIL: syslog-success FAIL: poke-ptrace FAIL: poke-unaligned FAIL: printpath-umovestr-legacy FAIL: printstrn-umoven-legacy FAIL: qual_fault FAIL: qual_inject-error-signal FAIL: qual_inject-retval
> In other words, all tests based on syscall tampering are failing there.
> Assuming that src/linux/loongarch64/set_scno.c and src/linux/loongarch64/set_error.c are correct, the kernel seems to be missing syscall tampering support.

Okay... this is the same result I've been seeing all the time (and exactly why I haven't pushed the `xlat` changes recently).

It indeed seems ptrace functionality is missing, judging from [the latest kernel source](https://github.com/loongson/linux/blob/78d3641f1f61866cc5ec7460af65d2530c17a202/arch/loongarch/kernel/ptrace.c). Maybe @chenhuacai could implement this in next revision of loongarch-next series?

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