[strace/strace] tracing all children of an already started program. (#193)

Masatake YAMATO notifications at github.com
Wed Nov 24 08:34:51 UTC 2021

> Yep.. I was just saying it would be a nice feature to have in the same program without using external ones.

I agree with you if more than one program, pstree, pidof, grep and/or sed are needed.
However, I think just one, pgrep (or pidof)  is acceptable. 
If strace introduces an option implementing the feature requested here, the user must remember the option to enable the feature.
`[tab]` key with a modern shell may help us but remembering the command fragment, `-p "$(...)"` is not hard for me.

I was directly taught this fragment by @ldv-alt, the maintainer of strace!

The lesson was not free. I had to submit a patch to procps-ng as fee.

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