[strace/strace] Error building against musl libc - error: "__UAPI_DEF_IN6_ADDR_ALT" redefined (#177)

Chris Packham notifications at github.com
Mon Mar 29 21:53:51 UTC 2021

Yes it is specific to musl. Musl defines some of the __UAPI flags in [in.h](https://git.musl-libc.org/cgit/musl/tree/include/netinet/in.h#n397) which causes problems with versions of strace that include the bundled uapi headers (basically v5.10-272-g5bd8364f4 onward).

It looks like there's some attempt in the headers to coordinate with `_NETINET_IN_H`, `__USE_MISC` and `__USE_GNU` but I guess the order of includes might defeat this.

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