document for writing a test case

Masatake YAMATO yamato at
Sun Jul 25 21:26:14 UTC 2021

Do we have a document for writing a test for strace?
It may encourage potential contributors.

I wrote a draft version. However, it is far from perfect.
Could you consider writing a real one?

How to write a test
1. write a test target.

   The target is run under strace by a generated shell script.

   If using the default test driver, run_strace_match_diff(), the test is
   done by comparing the stdout of the target and the output of
   strace. run_strace_match_diff() expects they are same.

   Let's call the name of the test target "mytest" here.
   You must write "mytest.c" for it.

2. put "mytest" to tests/pure_executables.list for building "mytest"
   from "mytest.c".

3. write the way to how to run "mytest" under strace tests/

   The line in the file has the following format:


   NAME is the name of the target, "mytest" here.
   TEST-DRIVER is the name of a test driver program. run_strace_match_diff()
   shell fucntion defined in is used if +TEST-DRIVER is not given.
   STRACE-OPTs are passed to strace.

4. build the test target

   Maybe you must run bootstrap and configure as you do for building strace.
   Then do (cd tests; make mytest mytest.gen.test).

5. run the test

   Do (cd tests; ./mytest.gen.test; echo $?)

   "0" means successful.


	the test target

	the source of the test target

	the script running the test target

	the file where the strace's output goes

	the file where the test target's stdout goes

Masatake YAMATO

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