GSOC - Student presentation

isaac Ndema bekolleisaac at
Tue Apr 20 11:20:48 UTC 2021

Dear all,
I'm Isaac NDEMA , 4th year computer engineering student from Cameroon.
It was an academic senior (Mario Rufus) who told me about GSoC. He
participated in 2019 with the organization "samba". It is an
opportunity for me to learn a lot about system programming. At school,
we used a lot of the C and C++ languages (I wrote a text editor using
the Win32 API ). Also, on some
projects I did in my 3rd year internship, we used Git and GitLab a
lot. I even use Github for my academic projects : I don't have commitments during SoC that
may affect my work.I Will be available full time to work on this
During the summer , I would like to work on "Implement a syscall
parser / parser test generator" project. As described on webpage
designed to the GSoC 2021, in the section "List of Project Ideas for
Students" ,  "Some of the syscall parsers (especially much of the
ioctl parsers) look like they could be automatically generated, if a
machine-readable description was provided. Same goes for a lot of the
tests. " This project consists of two parts: Either create your own
syscall description format, or use the one syzkaller is using and
Create a parser generator.

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