[strace/strace] Feature request: name log files based on the executable name (#153)

Igor Zhbanov notifications at github.com
Mon Sep 7 15:48:30 UTC 2020

When you are tracing multiple different processes (with `-f -ff` options) when trying to understand what a system does, it is difficult later to understand what log file belongs to what process. There could be an option for automatic renaming the logs based on `argv[0]` supplied to `execve` syscall. I.e. with the proposed options you would get logs named like:
- bash-1234.log
- cp-1235.log

To make it possible, strace needs to:
1) read executable name at the time of attaching to some PID,
2) on the forking and cloning inherit that name,
3) but rename a file on `execve`.

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