The proper way to cross-test strace ?

Ruinland ChuanTzu Tsai ruinland at
Thu Sep 3 13:27:46 UTC 2020

Hi all,
sorry for making noises here.

I'm wondering is there an official / recommended way to cross-test the
strace on an architecure which doesn't affort the leisure to put test
binaries on the storage and run the make and shell scripts locally ?

In my past to run glibc testsuite, I can mount NFS on my testing plat-
form to keep the directory heirachy to be the same with my host. Then
I can use a hooking variable "test-wrapper" provided by glibc testsuite
to inject ssh (or other remote control protocol) commands which let the
testing framework to execute command remotely and write the log back to
host for further result checking/analyzing.

Currently, I'm trying to test Alistairs RV32 patchset on an open source 
RV32 platform LiteX/VexRiscv during my day off. Yet the computing power
and the amount storage/RAM-disk of that platform is a kind of limited 
at this time being.

I managed to saw-n-ducttape, and a bunch of Makefiles
in strace to achieve some degree of similarities of the cross-testing
flow mentioned about. Yet I think that there might be a better way
to do this .


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