I: GSoC 2020 community bonding period

Dmitry V. Levin ldv at altlinux.org
Wed May 13 00:29:26 UTC 2020


As some of you are well aware already, May 4 was the first day of the
official GSoC 2020 community bonding period that turns into official
coding period on June 1.

Here is our really small team of strace GSoC students this year:

Ákos Uzonyi with project "PID namespace translation support for strace":

Ákos, please remember that development communication should take place
here, in this mailing list.  This allows the whole strace development
community to contribute ideas, try out your code, send feedback, etc.
In fact, you're encouraged to review the code submitted by others.

There is also #strace IRC channel for a chat.

Only personal issues should be discussed in private.  If you really need
to discuss something in private, please contact both mentors.


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