[GSOC] greetings and request for support for my microproject

Shotaro Gotanda g.sho1500 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 17:16:43 UTC 2020

Thank you for your quick response, Eugene.

> Linux's checkpatch.pl is intended to be a possible guidance and not
> a strict requirement (I believe the wording in [1] reflects it; however,
> feel free to provide any feedback regarding it); but, you're right,
> syscallent files are pretty much special in their formatting,
> that is somewhat non-orthodox in order to make it more table-like
> in attempt to improve readability; in any case, the formatting
> of the code that is subject to change is a good reference point.

I'm enough satisfied to know that and
I believe that all the ERRORs I found were due to the formatting.

> No one can prohibit submitting a patch, but the absence of tests that
> properly cover the change is pretty much a blocker for adopting the
> change into the master branch.

OK, I'll try to make tests for the new feature.

> These are preferred to be part of the same patch.  See, for example
> [2][3].

I'll also try to make a single patch including all related changes
according to the examples.

Thank you again for your help, Eugene.

Best Regards,
Shotaro Gotanda

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