[strace/strace] Add -n/--syscall-number option (#149)

Dmitry V. Levin notifications at github.com
Fri Aug 21 16:23:05 UTC 2020

[Commenting commit messages in not something github is designed for.]

> * print_syscall_number.c: New file.
> * Makefile.am (libstrace_a_SOURCES): Add print_syscall_number.c.

A simple "Add it." would suffice.

> * defs.h: Add print_syscall_number.

Please elaborate, e.g.
* defs.h (struct tcb): Add true_scno field.
(print_syscall_number): New function declaration.

> * strace.c: Add -n/--syscall-number option.
> (printleader): Call print_syscall_number.

Please mention other changes, e.g.
* syscall.c (get_scno): Assign tcp->true_scno.
* strace.1.in: Document new option.

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