Status on structured output

Andreas Molzer andreas.molzer at
Thu Feb 28 01:35:56 UTC 2019


what is the status on structured output? It seems that this was planned
but got lost along the way. Were there any unexpected troubles,
architectural changes during parallel development that made this

Recently wanted to automate the acquisition of network samples with
strace, so definitely feels worth it to also contribute to this. Now
that I've seen this on GSoC that feels like a perfect fit. To that
regard, I'm Andreas, a CompSci Master's student. Currently involved in
bare metal network stacks as part of a university project, doing some
kernel work as well (not necessarily Linux though), C/Rust/C++/Python.
I've made some contributions to other tools I use in the past and always
thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'll play around with the existing stuff at 
<> as far as I can. 

Looking forward to hearing back & Greetings,

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